Sacred Sound Kirtan Retreat 2017

 Easter Long Weekend – Friday 14 to Monday 17 April 2017

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Sacred Sound Kirtan Retreat 2017! The festival will be held from 4.30am Friday 14th until 4pm Monday 17th April 2017. 

A festival of kirtan and sanga, this four day day retreat will recharge your spiritual connection, and bring you closer to the Holy Names of the Lord. We are honoured to have His Holiness Indradyumna Swami, HG Bada Hari Das, HG Madhava Das, HG Sri Prahlad Das & HG Jahnavi to guide us expertly in kirtan to strengthen our connection to Krishna and recharge our spiritual batteries.

Registration provides you a wristband to allow full access to the kirtan programs and kids activities for the entire long weekend, and ensures that you are catered for in the prasadam count. For your convenience, morning and evening meals are included in registration and a delicious, wholesome lunch feast will be available for purchase. Prior registration for everyone (including children) is mandatory.  Please register immediately to guarantee your spot for this wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the nectar of the holy names! Registration will be closed once we have reached capacity.

We need YOUR help! 

To facilitate the maximum number of devotees attending Sacred Sound, we strive to keep the festival fee by donation only, to reduce the financial barrier for sincere devotees who wish to attend. As you register, you will be asked to donate towards festival expenses, according to your means. We are very grateful for your reciprocation.

Just as you know with any festival the festival is only possible with your help. This year with the building of a new venue, and with plans to make prasadam more delicious than ever, we are reliant on your donations to allow this to manifest.

Sivananda Sen demonstrated an exemplary service attitude, especially in taking care of devotees by serving them so nicely as described in the Caitanya Caritamrita:

Every year Sivananda Sena would lead a party of two hundred devotees from Bengal to Jagannatha Puri to attend the annual Ratha-Yatra festival. He would pay for everyone’s food, tolls, ferries, and lodging. He personally arranged for their com­fort.

Sivananda Sena didn’t charge anyone anything! We strongly believe that such examples in the scriptures are not just for reading and relishing but they are also for us to cultivate the mood of service by following in their footsteps. Of course, it may not be practical for one person to take care of everyone these days, but the principle can be adopted still. So, we are trying to create a mini-army of Sivananda Sens who come forward to sponsor the kirtans and prasad and thereby making it affordable for the other 800 devotees who’ll be attending the retreat and receive their immense blessings.

If you would like to sponsor a kirtan or prasad, please fill out or sponsorship form here.

As with any large festival – it takes a team, many hands make light work! If you wish to contribute to this festival in any way – cooking, cleaning, donating money, devotee care etc. –  please contact us.

We thank you sincerely for your ongoing support of New Govardhana and we look forward to seeing and serving you at the Sacred Sound Kirtan Retreat 2017!

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