The sacred sound markets will be held in the large grassy area in the Temple grounds.

It is a beautiful environment in which to relax, browse the stalls of our creative and talented devotees,  to grab a bite to eat from one of our many exceptional prasadam stalls and catch up with old (or new) friends.

If you would like to have a stall please fill out the expressions of interest form below.


Hare Krishna Community, 525 Tyalgum Rd, Eungella, 2484
• The market will be located in the Temple grounds, adjacent to the Sacred Sounds Retreat.

Market info

We are expecting around 800 guests and most will stay for the duration of the retreat, so this is an awesome opportunity to showcase your products to a large group of likeminded devotees.
As we are only small, in order to maintain a market that is fair and equitable for all involved, we will only be accepting 1 stall of each product.
Below are some market notes please read over them carefully and fill out the form if you think you are suitable. Successful applicants will be notified by email or phone.

Operating dates and times

  The markets will trade from Friday 14th April until Monday 17th April, 2 – 4 pm daily (during the kirtan session lunch break). There will be no trading during the kirtan sessions as it will detract from the festival itself. This is good news for the stallholders, as it means they can also attend the retreat, and all sales are in a concentrated period of time.

Market Criteria

• To be a vendor at the Sacred Sounds Market you must participate all 4 days. As the market is so small – a spare space or closed up tent is really obvious and detracts from the atmosphere of the market
• You must have an active email account and a mobile phone so you are easily contactable.
• Presentation of your stall is very important. Everything you do in presentation shapes the ambiance and style of the market and will be important in assessing your application.
• Please give due consideration to your signage, products, marquee and personal lighting.
• You must bring your own marquee, trestle table, umbrella or whatever you need to use for set up.
• If you are coming from interstate or overseas and would like to have a stall, please include that in the form below and we can hire a marquee for you.
• Marquees, Umbrellas or other stall structures must be sufficiently weighed down using sufficient water weights or sand bags.
• As the market is run over 4 days, you will need to completely and securely close up your stall overnight.

General Stalls

• Acceptance of your stall is based on quality, design and diversity. The design of your marquee and stall, signage and lighting will help deliver a better response from those attending the market. This is a consideration when assessing your application.
• Products of all kinds are accepted, however those that have a devotional, environmental, hand crafted or organic nature to them really excite us. We also look for stalls that have ethical principals of manufacture behind them.

Food Vendors

• We are looking for applications from people who deliver unique cuisine made with high-quality fresh produce.
• Well designed stalls and signage will contribute to the look and feel of the market and is considered an important part of your presence at the market. Products with strong sustainable qualities will be given preference.
• Vendors with unhealthy or commercially packaged food will not be accepted.
• There is limited power, so observance of power allocations is incredibly important.
• We can make sure we maintain the quality of the Govardhana Hill area by doing the following:
• No glass.
• Only use recycled and or bio degradable food packaging. i.e. wooden cutlery, biodegradable straws
• All rubbish, packaging, boxes to be removed from site at the end of the Market each evening
• Each stall needs to be self-sufficient. As the temple kitchen is cooking daily for such large numbers. No stall cooking/baking etc can be done in the temple or feast kitchens. Neither can any temple equipment, trays, buckets etc be used.
• Please let us know if you have additional power needs

Market sites

• 3m x 3m standard $20 • food stall $25
• All sites are inclusive of power, please see below
• As the market is run over 4 days, you will need to completely and securely close up your stall overnight. Remember we are outside, in the country so don’t leave any food overnight as it will attract unwanted visits from our local wildlife.

Power & Lights

• Electricity is limited on site and using too much will black out the entire market and surrounds.
• We have allocated 100 Watts of power for each of the general stalls. We will run power to the rear of your stall.
• Check the amount of watts your lights are using. Energy efficient globes these days are as low as 9, 11, 12 watts and are as strong as the old 60-watt globes. Low energy (LED) lightening is recommended.
• Your own electrical equipment must be tag and tested by a suitably qualified person.


• Outdoor markets are at the mercy of the weather and we are no exception. The markets will not be canceled except in extreme weather conditions so please be prepared.


• We are asking that all stallholders kindly donate 20% of their gross takings – it will go directly towards the running of the festival.
Your Stall fee can be deposited into the following bank account, once your stall is accepted to confirm your site.
• Your 20% donation can be deposited into the following bank account within 72 hours of the end of trading.
• BANK DETAILS:  Westpac Murwillumbah ISKCON NG BSB 033002  ACCOUNT 618999. Put your name and ‘market’ as the reference.

Market Application Process