This retreat will only be possible with your help! Please sign up for one (or hopefully more!) service/s here.

The only aim of the Sacred Sounds Kirtan Retreat is to serve the devotees by facilitating an atmosphere where they can increase their taste for hearing and chanting the holy names of Lord Krsna, by taking a long weekend off and devoting it for that sole (soul) purpose.

In order to help everyone achieve that goal, we have been planning for months. Cooking is undoubtedly the largest operation. However, there are several other critical areas as well. We are planning to serve all of you in less than an hour by forming efficient assembly lines with well-trained servers. In order to keep the kids and parents inspired we’re planning for elaborate all-day kids activities including kids-friendly kirtans, stories, arts and crafts, jumping castles and special classes/sessions with kirtaneers all close to the kirtan site!

However, all our planning at this point is merely ink on paper (or more accurately, pixels on screen). The main force that makes all the plans manifest in reality is our volunteers, which is each and every one of you!  So we humbly request you to sign-up for one or more services of your choice here. Following the simple principle of “each one doing a little”, we’ve broken down the services into two-hour (or three-hour) slots, so it’s fun and easy for everyone.

And as a token of our appreciation and gratitude for your voluntary service (4 hours+), we’d like to offer you a gift. This year, we are also happy to be able to offer you two options for your gift:

  • A lovely tote bag to carry stuff and – along with it – memories of Sacred Sounds Kirtan Retreat
  • An exceptionally wonderful t-shirt designed by our dear Rukmini-priya

As we have only limited supplies of each, we’d be able to give them out only to the first 100 volunteers that sign-up on a first-come-first-serve basis – and complete 4 hours of service!

As important as sign-up, is to actually show up 🙂 we hope you sign-up for slots where you can actually make it: for service to the devotees is considered even superior to service to the Lord!